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What people are saying about NAET

"When Dr. Anderson explained NAET to me, I was almost afraid to hope that I might find relief for my joint pain, fatigue, PMS, and brain fog. All this, and I was only 21 years old! I treated for the basics and started noticing great improvement. We continued on with treatments for artificial sweeteners, chemicals, heavy metals, and hormones. Thank you for giving me back my health!"


"My migraines were so severe that I was on medical leave, often lying in a dark room several days each week. I had tried eyerything else with no results and no hope. Then I heard about NAET. I was treated for the basics, allergies to my own hormones, and even an allergy to cotton and other fabrics. I am so thankful to Dr. Devi for her pioneering efforts and to Dr. Anderson for giving me NAET treatments. I have been headache free now for five years!"


"When I brought my 9-year-old son to see Dr. Anderson because of his skin rash, I was told that NAET might also help with his bed-wetting and inability to concentrate in school. (I had resisted putting my son on the ADD drug Ritalin.) I began NAET treatments, and by the time school started the following year, my son had changed. He was now able to stay calm and to focus on his work. His new teacher was appalled that anyone would even suggest Ritalin for my son. His rash - Gone. And no more bed-wetting either."


"Before coming to your practice I was so allergic to grass and pollen that gardening and yard work was difficult. And I love it so much! The neighbors would start their lawn mowers and I’d have to run for cover if I wanted to keep breathing. Now I can stay outside. And I even sit on the grass without getting hives! You’ve given me back my yard. And you’ve made it possible for us to have a dog. I was allergic when we found her. But two treatments with her fur and I can cuddle all day. So grateful for NAET!"


"I first came to Dr. Anderson with my daughter's mother-in-law. She made the appointment for me and provided transportation. In fact, she didn't tell me anything about it until about an hour before the appointment. My health was poor, and I had been to many western medicine doctors-- many specialists --without receiving any benefit. I was discouraged and not of a mind to try again. Circa 2000. 


My husband encouraged me to give Dr. Anderson a try for several months. At first I saw no improvement. Dr Anderson wondered what to try next, but we persisted in trying. Over time the change was dramatic! After about 2 years I was able to serve a 22 month mission on a primitive island in the Pacific, where I taught school from 8 am to 9:00 pm with only an hour break for lunch and 1 1/2 hours off for dinner. I think everyone will agree that 5 days a week of over 10 hours per day in the classroom, plus preparation time at home, reflects remarkable stamina.


My body has remained strong in the 18 years since then. I have been back to see Dr. Anderson a few times when new problems surfaced. Since the initial 2 years of appointments only a few appointments have been needed. I have served another mission of 18 months, and traveled often and far. I am 77.5 years old now. In large part I owe my good health to Dr. Anderson and NAET. I encourage you to give NAET a fair try."


"I suffered from terrible allergies.  I am a gardener and when I worked in the garden, I had to take a box of Kleenex with me. I was always miserable outside.  My daughter told me about Dr. Anderson, but I didn't believe it would help me.  After her listening to me complain for the 100th time, she told me to go see Dr. Anderson, or she wouldn't listen to any more complaints. So I made and appointment....and it changed my life.  After a few treatments, my allergies were GONE.  Where did they go??? I never found out where they went....and I never really cared.  I was so thankful to have my life back."


"I play Pickleball, so hand eye coordination is important. Dr. Anderson determined through a muscle test I had weak depth perception in one eye. He administered “cold laser rehabilitation” to sharpen my vision. I was pleasantly surprised I could track the ball with more accuracy and preciseness."


"I had been unable to eat so many things due to intestinal distress that I could count on my 10 fingers all the thingsI could eat. I knew if I just ate those things I wouldn't have any issues. However, I also knew that not eating

the foods that I was sensitive to would cause me to have poor health, as most of them were nuts, grains and nightshade vegetables.I found out about the NAET treatments and chose Dr Anderson as my provider. After diagnosis of sensitivities and treatments by Dr Anderson I now am able to enjoy all those foods that I really wanted to love and eat for a healthy me. I feel soooo much better and cannot recommend Dr Anderson and the NAET Treatment enough."


"I came to doctor Anderson after trying western medicine. I had been doing allergy shots for migraines and had gone into anaphylactic shock after a month of shots. My allergy doctor told me he could no longer treat me because I’d die if I continued treatment. I was severely allergic to trees, grass, etc. every time I went outside I’d get a migraine. It was awful. My doctor referred me to doctor Anderson, and 1/2 way threw my treatment my migraines stopped! I only get them occasionally if I don’t get enough sleep. I feel so much better! Truly amazing! My health has never been better. Thank you Dr. Anderson!"

-Jessi B

"I was referred to Dr. Anderson by a friend as I had severe, daily debilitating headaches for months and months. After multiple tests including an MRI to determine if it was a brain tumor of some sort I was desperate to find a solution. Dr. Anderson determined I was allergic to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and after I was treated for the "basics" I was treated for my allergy to EMF's. I could not believe the outcome as I was headache free post treatment for the first time in over 6 months. He's solved many other issues of mine (e.g., chronic yeast infections) and I am sooooo grateful for him and all of his staff."


"I've been going to Dr. Anderson for over 14 years. I started when I was pregnant with my 2nd child and all of a sudden developed many food allergies. Some were severe, I was afraid to eat because I didn't know what foods I was allergic to. Dr. Anderson was able to figure out exactly what foods I was allergic to and treated me for all of them, I can eat what I want now. Also a couple years later I developed a cyst and had surgery to get it removed, the surgeon had to place a metal piece on my skull because the cyst had broken through. I had headaches for months after surgery and went to Dr. Anderson to see what it was from, he was able to figure out I was allergic to the titanium metal in my head. The headaches went away after that. I've gone to him for postpartum depression, and for many other random health issues I've dealt with. Also, my husband went to Dr. Anderson for kidney stones, he was passing them weekly! My husband went 3 years without passing one. We are so grateful for Dr. Anderson!"

-Alesha M

"17 years ago, I brought Dr. Anderson my 4 year old son with autism. He had stopped eating everything except milk, laid listlessly on the floor looking at his toys without the strength to pull apart baby Legos, and exhibited major sensory sensitivities. After his first treatment he eagerly ate as soon as we got home. We were regular customers for the next two months and his therapists couldn't believe he was the same kid. We went through extensive treatments for a while, but he was slowly able to wait longer and longer between treatments. As a senior in high school he lettered in wrestling and graduated high school with honors. I feel I owe the life of my son to Dr. Anderson. My family has had so many amazing experiences with NAET treatments, from my son, to a treatment for fibromyalgia, reactions to viruses, emotional traumas, seasonal allergies... The list is too long to relate. I'll forever be grateful for the quality of life my family has been able to achieve. We're customers for life."


"I developed a corn allergy in my early 20s and dealt with it for a couple decades before I was introduced to Dr. Tom and NAET. It took some time to clear as we didn't realize how many products, not just food, that corn is used as a filler and I was unknowingly blowing my treatments. After several unsuccessful treatments Dr. Tom persisted and had me bring in my daily routine, everything I use, touch etc. We figured out some surprising culprits where corn was lurking and got over the hurdle. It is nothing short of miraculous what NAET can do. Nothing can surpass Dr. Tom's experience and deep understanding of the technique. I recommend it to everyone."

-Maria M

"For probably 30 years I suffered about 4-5 months every winter with a chronic bronchitis from allergies to dust when I turned on the furnace. No meds provided enough relief for the infections I got and had to get rid of. My sinuses were so sensitive to things in the summer too. I learned of Dr Anderson thru my boss and started treatments for several months. This happened in the early 2000 range I believe. I have not suffered from bronchitis in over 20 years now. I get only some occasional sinus flair up but it disappears fast without any meds. I have no problem getting colds or flu either. I never would have believed what this procedure/process could do for my body. I have since had family members go to him for other problems and had such great results. I would go to him in a minute with any questions as to what my body was doing or allergic to. NAET does what other medical doctors can't do."


"NATE Some people believe this process is hocus-pocus. I was severely allergic to gluten for 6 years, not anymore. NAET treatments have been the best thing I have ever done to benefit my health. So many things we eat we are not aware they are making us feel like s - - -, or have low energy. I recommend NAET to anyone and everyone that is interested in improving their health! We can all feel better then we do. It's not too good to be true. :)"

-Kandi B

"Dr A uses his intuition plus all the tricks in his bag He has treated me for several problems (vertigo among them) and spring and summer pollen allergies He’s my go-to doctor!"

-Judy W

"I had taken the flu shot back in 2021 and became allergic to eggs. When my niece Maria introduce me to Dr. Thomas and he began the treatment I was very surprise how well it work. Dr. Thomas has help me out a lot with other allergies as well. If you are someone who does not like needles this is the place come to for allergy treatments."

-Sandra V

"My brother-in-law couldn't eat apples or almonds.  He loved them, but they made him suffer. I sent him to see Dr. Anderson and he was cured.  Sometimes....10 years later, he will call me and say, "I just want you to know that I am eating an apple and enjoying every bite".... Then he thanks me."


My little girl was allergic to anything she ate or breathed or touched and now she is good with everything! But even more than physical healing is the emotional healing I've experienced. Several years ago I lost a son to suicide. It wasn't the clear cut situation of him being depressed and wanting to die. He was a Marine, had PTSD and couldn't sleep for over a year and didn't feel he could trust his own judgement so he ended his life. About a month after the funeral, I was sinking fast into deep depression. Dr Anderson's treatments quickly brought me out of it. Although grief was still part of my healing, I was able to function and move through it more effectively without getting stuck. I will always be grateful to Dr Anderson!

-Laurie S

Dr Anderson has literally changed my life. Not only has he cured me of 1 thing, he's cured me of two major things in my life. The first one being I was having a strange reaction to something that I couldn't figure out. I would randomly have swellings on different parts of my face. After many months of going to multiple traditional doctors my mother in law suggested Dr Anderson. We finally connected it to my birth control and he was able to treat my hormones and the swelling went away and never came back. The next thing he helped me with was my high blood pressure. I've always dealt with slightly elevated blood pressure. Then when I had my son I was diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia and unfortunately was never able to get my BP down after my pregnancy. I went to Dr Anderson to see if he could help. It took us a little bit of time but we finally linked my HBP to anxiety. After many treatments I am happy to say I have been off of BP meds almost 3 months and it's staying down in a very healthy range. I feel like everyone should go see Dr Anderson! He's amazing and a super nice guy as well!

-Haley B

I had been struggling to get pregnant for almost 3 years due to hormonal and ovulation issues. A friend told me about her own experience with NAET as well as another of her friend's experience with NAET who had gone through similar issues as me. Well - two months into NAET, I finally ovulated, became pregnant, and carried full term to deliver a healthy baby boy. I will forever be grateful for NAET and this incredible office!

-Brooke P

Once my son started eating solid food, he began having abnormal bowel movements. We tried a whole foods diet, his pediatrician had him start taking Miralax. These seemed to help, but as soon as we missed a dose of Miralax, we were right back where we started. I didn't like the idea of my son taking that medication for extended periods of time. We found some herbs we could take in the meantime. We finally made it to a more natural doctor, and they found that my son actually had quite a few food allergies. We tried staying away from this long list of foods for quite sometime. It seemed to work at first, but after a few months, it didn't seem to work as well. We finally found Dr. Anderson. He confirmed yes, my son is allergic to quite a variety of food, and in fact he has become allergic to even more foods, which is why we started to not have success with our new diet. We had 14 visits with Dr. Anderson, where he helped us get rid of each of these allergies. I still remember our last visit. It was the day before Thanksgiving and he asked us if we were sure we wanted to do this because he would have to stay away from nuts on Thanksgiving. We said yes, let's get this done with. That was our last visit, and the last day that my son had any symptoms of his allergies. He can now eat any food without any difficulty. I can definitely say that visiting with Dr. Anderson has changed our life. My son can now live a normal life and be a normal kid. We are so grateful to have found him!

-Andrea E

When I first went to Dr. Anderson, I was reacting to almost every food, medicine, chemical, pollen, grass, weed, toxin, and even cell phone signals and electricity. Reactions included swelling, fatigue, terrible headaches and brain fog, weakness, pain and others. I was mal-nourished from not tolerating food. I had been to more than 25 doctors, not one of whom had actually helped and some had made me much worse. So I didn't have much hope but a good friend urged me to give it a try anyway. At first, the treatments were hard on me but then I started to get better. Today I can eat almost any food with no symptoms, be outside without getting sick, and I'm back to normal weight. No headaches or pain. He also did treatments that made my body better able to fight chronic infections, eliminate toxins (detox), recover from surgery, and get rid of emotional baggage from being abused as a child. I am so much better in every way. Dr. Anderson is the most kind and caring provider I have ever been to. And, he gets results. I am so grateful for Dr. Anderson.

-Betsy L

I had eczema covering my body and I had become allergic to so many foods, I had very few things I could eat. Dr. Anderson got me completely healed over all my allergies to foods and the many other parts of our world my body had shut down to. His patience, kindness and his staffs kindness to me gave me a warm conversation and a place to heal and grow as I healed! They have helped me be the healthy version of me I so desperately wanted back! I recommend their office to anyone who comes to me!

-Leigha D

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