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What is NAET

NAET is an acronym for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. NAET, first developed in California, is based on principles from the fields of allopathic (Western medical knowledge), chiropractic, acupuncture, kinesiology, and nutrition. NAET is a natural, non-invasive, and drug-free holistic treatment.


How NAET Works

Everything on earth has an electromagnetic field, including foods, pollen, hormones, neurotransmitters, in fact anything you can think of. We work with vials that are imprinted with the electromagnetic field. When you hold a vial your body will "read" or register exactly what that item is, and your body will also know whether you are compatible with it or not compatible. Non-compatible means you are sensitive or allergic to the item. Several negative things happen when you have an allergic reaction. You can have a rash, or mucous, or an asthmatic attack. If you are allergic to a food, your body will have trouble digesting and absorbing the nutrients fully from that allergic food. We also find you can be sensitive or allergic to vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, hormones, or neurotransmitters. In fact Dr. Devi has said you can be allergic to "anything under the sun, including the sun". Most of our patients thus have complaints of fatigue, brain fog, and "just not feeling well" as a result of malabsorption of necessary nutrients. When we treat the allergy the body can then begin to absorb and utilize these necessary nutrients, improving overall health.


We use Muscle testing based on the work of Dr. George Goodheart who developed Applied Kinesiology. We can diagnose your sensitivities and allergies using this technique that is extensively used in the chiropractic and alternative health field.


Traditional Acupuncture theory for 3000 years has said that your life force or Chi flows through energy pathways they have identified and called "meridians". When you have a blockage of the meridian pathway you will have a symptom or illness. Allergies will cause major blockages of meridian energy. The originators of Chiropractic taught that chemicals and allergies could cause disruption of correct nerve transmission. Dr. Devi realized that holding the allergen vial was starting that process of meridian and nerve disruption. She theorized that if she opened and balanced the meridian flow, and worked with the spinal nerves including stimulation of the sympathetics in the thoracic spine (while holding the item or vial), that the body would re-program to accept the allergy. This proved to work, and the breakthrough treatment worked with any class of allergen, whether food or pollen or chemical.


The human body including the nervous system is always processing the environment for survival. We believe that the nervous system will always classify something as "safe" or "not safe". The "not safe" category should include viruses and bacteria and not much else. Allergies are a example of the body mistakenly labeling something as "not safe". NAET reprograms the body to more correctly put the item in the "safe" category, thus clearing the allergy. Reprogramming has the advantage of being a fast therapy- it is far easier and quicker to reprogram than to de-sensitize, which has been the traditional allopathic approach. NAET has the additional advantage of being able to help treat any category of allergy, whether it is food, or pollen, or chemical, or fabrics, animals, or any other class of reaction...

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